Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thank Heaven for Little Girls!

Isn't that such a true sentiment!  Thank Heaven for little girls!   I was so truly blessed to do the pictures of these precious sisters.  They are amazing little models and it was a true joy to take their pictures.  Preserving the memories of the relationships between children is one of my favorite things about photography.  I love capturing these memories.  It must be the scrapbooker in me, but I love the natural candid shots when kids don't even know you are looking at them.  Their true essence seems to show!  I always take and edit so many non-traditional hang on the wall shots because of my scrapper instinct!  It all shows the true personality of my clients and I want to give that to my clients.  Thank you again girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hope to get to take your pictures again soon!